Crying in Silence


Silence broke out,

and she hid in fear.

Crying to herself,

hoping she wont hear.


All the voices,

that tell her that she doesn't belong.

And she keeps telling herself,

that she's gotta stay strong.


But how can you be strong,

when the world doesn't care.

They kick at you and strangle you,

while you struggle for the air.


That you so desperately want,

to the point where you would kill.

Yet all you can do is sit in a corner,

and wish it wasn't real.


But life is very real,

it's one heck of a ride.

But you can feel so alone,

with no one sitting by your side.


You hope someone will soon understand,

that what they're doing is wrong.

And try to fix it with right,

but the damage is so long.


To the point where it can't be fixed,

and it remains in your heart.

They apologize and wish to turn back time,

right back to the start.


You realize you may never be fixed, 

all you can do is forget.

But how can you forget something,

that people might not even regret.


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