Thu, 03/17/2022 - 15:12 -- Zanies

     Scent compelling and drawing me in

working had to find a way to your heart

trying to hide this like a fish swmming with no fin

if only I could buy love

darling, you'd be in my shopping cart

     A smile so warm on a perfect face

you look so delicate when you sleep 

so sweet, so tranquil, so graceful

as you wrap yourself in my scent

holding you tight as you slumber

how I wish to be as close to you as it

and right before you fall all the way

you sleepishly open your eyes to me

"You're beautiful", is what you say

     I know I shouldn't care

my heart shouldn't flutter this widly

I shouldn't care for such a simple complement

I craze for you with heart eyes 

as you smile lightly and close your eyes

why, oh why

does that smile so wholly mesmerize me

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