You think the lord for that wonderful gift
I pray and ask him why in the world did he curse me like this
Hurt since birth feeling worthless and shit
Tryna find love got me hanging off of a cliff
Contemplating holdin on or just letting it slip
At 20 gave myself 30 now I'm down to the 6
Seems like time is flying by and I'm just counting the ticks
This the bed that I made but I'm still digging this ditch
But if you hear me and you listen please show me you care
It's the nights all alone feels like no one is there
So if you see and I don't speak just pull you up a chair
Ask me why do I think that life ain't fair
I ain't asking for a lot just lend me your ear
I can talk through it all until my head get clear
Cause I got a lot upon my mind
Still feel like I'm dying
You said I will be fine
But mama I'm tired of crying
Just lie to me one more time
This is crunchtime

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Von Dutch

This poem is for all those who continually encourage me to keep going yall don't realize but y'all save a life daily thank you.

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