Wed, 06/25/2014 - 14:59 -- Keace

Let me grip tightly to this life in this moment

With everything standing still while time is stolen

Torn from all that matters, dragged by the wind

I feel it brush across my face, my legs, the sand

I hear hustling of trees, they stress up this land


Paper plates shuffle through the grass

Mothers chase their children running too fast

Dogs take advantage of every second spent free

From their owner’s stare, they jump, they run, they pee


Biscuits in a box fall over, sounding like a storm

I put down the clover and feed the bugs where they swarm

Under this thick blanket I’ve draped on this earth

The corners envelope me as I lie on my back

Knowing the crumbs underneath are being attacked


Worries fade away, for real this time- I swear

I can’t tell if I’m fading, floating, sinking, going anywhere

I’m lighter, no limits, no restrictions, no borders

No where to go, nothing to say, without purpose, without orders


I am nothing, insignificant to this world

Not a whisper in the wind, I can’t swing or curl

Not a grain of sand, I am not a grain of anything

I hop from cloud to cloud hoping it will rain

I hear no voice inside me; feel no freedom, no pain


I am nothing


I wake

I feel

I live



I love that feeling of true relaxation. Seems like a good day :)

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