How can you look at something with four paws and not see its worth?

How can you mistreat it until it only has three or two not four, as if it is not a living, breathing creature?

Left out in the cold on a winter day, frost-bitten, forgotten, nearing death, this isn't okay.

     This happens to animals every day, the neglection, beatings, when will it all end?

Will you be the person to call it in, to put it all to an end?

Cats, Dogs, Horses, Chickens, every animal deserves to live a happy life, not to be abused, tortured, or killed because of animal cruelty.

     Would you adopt from a shelter to bring an abused animal to a loving home?

Whether they were rescued, ran away, or were dropped off at a trash facility, as if they had no more worth than garbage, would you?

This is a daily occurance all over the world, 

groups like the ASPCA and humane societies are desperately trying to stop the hurt, but they cannot do it alone. 

Do your part, call in animal abuse the minute you witness it, it makes the difference for that one animal, it makes the difference for the entire cause of animal cruelty.




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