Tue, 01/27/2015 - 13:21 -- Axeliae


A rather dim lit view

A dim lit view of a place I once knew


A place which is capable of feeding my joy

A joy that some call an oddity


As my cheeks begin to  secede

My teeh appear: a grin that expands each second in this place.


I soak in the darkness that surrounds me

It's the absence of color that soothes me

Darkness almost consumes me


Yet, when I call it by name it heeds

All its attention direct toward me


I am the overseer of this place.


I alone can control this

I alone am able to rollick in this

I alone defeated this


Darkness iy my beloved

Darkness is my demise


Yes I am consumed

Yes this is actuality

Yes this is mine


My fightful throne.


A throne of despair

A throne that is odd

A throne that suits me


I have been crowned.



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