Crown thy Good

Sat, 02/18/2017 - 23:06 -- rsavvi

Oh crown thy good in brotherhood

and sisterhood.

Crown the days the weeks the months 

we spend with our backs bent

over the stoves and our hips

holding our children.

Crown us Queens,

but that has no meaning

when Kings sit on the throne.

Or does it?

If it does it's hard to see

with sweat on our brows

from the heat of the fires

that burn in our bellies.


Land of the free

Home of the Women

who send our futures off to 

school everyday to have them

come home broken and silenced.

Home of the people who

don't deserve to bear arms

because those arms only hurt

our children who we love.

And it happens year after year

and we still think

it's our right.

Oh beautiful

are the girls who walk down the streets

and are whistled at

no matter what they wear.

Oh beautiful 

is the way we feel scared

to walk alone at night.

Oh beautiful

is the way

we hold our car keys like knives

and grip them tightly

with white knuckles

as if they would make a dent.

Oh beautiful

is the way we still think

our country has no problems.

Oh crown thy good in brotherhood 


as many overlook,


This poem is about: 
My country


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