Crown Real Royalty.

Let me yell

Let me scream

Let me beat you with the hell you bring

Let me look 

Let me cry

Let me stab you in the eye 

Let me play

Let me roam

Let me go single and alone

Let me hurt

Let me laugh

Let me kick you in your ass


Skip that. 

Just crown me.

Crown me of being heart broken.

Crown me for caring too much.

Crown me for being a sucka for love.

Crown me for giving a fuck

The truth, yes you. I 'm talking to you because you know to.

You know how it feels to love someone

You know how it feels to fuck with someone for so long and think they would never leave you in the cold

So when I say let me go, I'm really saying to stay and to fight

Fight for nothing 

Fight for nothing since what I thought what we had was something was actually nothing.

So dog me, kick me in the very dirt, and speak bad about me. 

They did the same thing to God. And I'm God's child so just like my father, Im going to over come you to. 




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