Crown Me

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 09:35 -- colbinh


                                                                       “Crown Me”……. by Colbin Hubbard

Who am I? Oh not to you,

Your opinion doesn’t define me.

I love to record my music,

Does that make me a black stereotype?

But I say, I say I make poetry,

It’s from the “heart”

Mind, body, and soul

But no matter how much

Blood, sweat, and tears

I mix into my mixes

My work still isn’t hard?

No more hiding in this peasant costume

I am a King, only I see it?

Don’t say you’ll believe it when you see it.

Forgive me for my ass-hole attitude,

I’m really a nice guy

But nice guys finish last

So I can’t be nice guy.  

I say I’m bullet proof to your to your words, but some do penetrate

So I sit on my lonely throne

At home in this four cornered room

Similar to a boxing ring, trying to bob and weave

The judgments that clouds my thoughts

                                                             I ask myself, Should I care?                                                                      Your opinion doesn’t define me,

Who am I?

I am a King!  

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