Crew changed my life


It's time to focus Lehne.

Get in the racing mindset.

Ports one foot in, and down.

I sit and strap in as fast as I can

Port oars across.

Bow take a stroke.

Weigh enough.


"We have alignment" 

Three, two, one, ROW.

Fast on the drive

Three quarter slide 

Three quarter slide

Three quarter slide

Power 10

10 to settle

Use the legs

Keep eyes forward

Give it everything you have

Don't miss 1 inch of water

You are strong, you are here to win

Listen to coxswain

Power 10 in two

Put that blade in the water

Push it!

Push it!

500 meters to go


Dont give up,

Pull with everything you have,

make yourselves proud,

show everyone what you have,

Last 10 stokes,

Use those legs!


We came in first.


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