A blade seems friendly 

It is anything but

A manipulating tool

And in my head it now haunts.

It once kicked away the Numbness 

That stalked my daily life

And locked away Anxiety 

For the beatings I fight.


But now all three creep about 

In my mind they wait to lash out.

One cut was too many,

And spiraled to more

Because the promise of relief

Was my fools gold.


I sought help

But it was too late

Because my thoughts cut my mind

My depression fuels the heat

Of the fire where three monsters dance and feast.

How I wish I could fight them off

Or forget my past.

But these creatures forever last.


Numbness hide behind anger and sorrow 

Promising to come out and play tomorrow.

Anxiety hides in the eyes around me

Smiling and trailing not far behind me.

And they blade will follow wherever they go

Offering to rid me of their blows.

But it is all in my head 

I need to control 

What my demons do

And what my world will show.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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