Creation: Lok, Eldrim, Vergoth, and Gala

The Serpent swam amongst the stars, the Stream of starlight wrapping round its body

not yet marred by the future scars that would be left by sons and daughters. Lok was

time, and the Serpent was Lok, and Lok stretched across the Stream of starlight. Lok 

found amongst the stars the empty rocks, and folded them in to their form. And

slumbered upon his finished work, forming the mass that beasts would stalk. 


Lok awoke to subtle steps upon his still and resting form. A Woman, shape of human

kind, walked as the world grew warm. Eldrim we call her today. Then sprang from

her many women in kind, who likewise let spring forth men. But whilst there was

Time, and Woman, and Man, and Ground that was the world, the Sound was still

gone, the music not yet playing, and the people's lips were curled. As Lok had seen

Woman and Man spring forth, he decidedly did the same. And so came from him

beasts, and serpents, and Dragons, over which the world they reigned.


And peace carried on for many an age as Lok, and Eldrim, and Man, and Woman,

and beast, and serpent, and Dragon reigned, but the world grew far too bored. Lok

went to enjoy the stardust, stretching his neck out to see. And he called to the dark

and the dark called back, so he knew that Vergoth would be. And as Lok returned, 

Vergoth descended swifter, and wrought his work upon the world. He spawned for

us Plague, and Death, and Despair, and his madness imbued the very air.


Lok came crashing with the will of a god, and was revolted from sight of Vergoth.

The monstrous form revolted Lok, and at his throat Lok clawed, but found he

could not hurt the wretch. Lok let fly his wings out broad, and sought the lovely

Eldrim, to best the monster of Vergoth. And so they opened their voice, and

banished Silence from the realm, summoning among them Music, the voice in the

power of Gala. So Gala sang and gifted song to Man, and Woman, and beast, and

serpent, and Dragon. Gala made the songbirds, to strike down the beetles of

Vergoth and destroy the Sorrow of Vergoth and to mourn the Death of Vergoth.

Balance blossomed and grew, and Gala made the flowers to grow from Balance, 

and be picked when in abundance.


Thus was Balance, and thus was Creation, in this twisted world of Madness.


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