creating art

In my little world scorned lips web lovely lies

Whispering sweet nothings into the night

Giving in to sweet temptations

Not a care for the stench of death

Lurking in shadows of the night


Lava hot Fingers trace cities

On my crimson red lips.

Setting fire to Sinful kisses

Skin melting into

Waves of imported chinese silk


Power twinkles in the corner of your eye

As a  rush like no other

Takes us to the edge,

where the threads of time

Become a figment of our imaginations


Seeking salvation in your unskilled fingers

my heart dances away while my body

goes bucking in retreat


Trading favors for secrets

We pay no mind to boundaries

As we tattoo our hearts and

Decorate our bodies with love bites


Our tangled bodies engaged in this torturous dance

A dance so beautiful it leaves us breathless

oh such fine art created between duvets


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Our world
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