Crayon Box

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 20:04 -- jb24504



We are like one crayon,

in a box full of crayons.

There are bright ones and dark ones,

sharp ones and dull ones.


Sometimes we get lost and unused.

We feel dark and dull and without hope.

But then someone grabs us from the box.

And our gifts get to be used,

even though we are ugly and broken.


Sometimes we are happy and used.

We are blessed with being bright and sharp.

People love and use us

because we provide gifts

without fearing using them.

We are always sharp

because someone loves us so much

to continue to sharpen us.


We fluctuate being dark and dull,

bright and sharp.

We just can’t seem to find who we are.

At times we are lost and scared,

and at times we are excited and have a purpose.


But a hand will always come down and grab us.

They will care and love us,

and accept us for who we are.

They love us so much

they put our problems and sins aside.

And they will care for us with all they have.


They will use our gifts, along with others,

to make a beautiful picture.

A picture that will be filled with God’s beautiful ways.

We have a purpose to make a colorful creation of God.

And his picture is always providing love and joy. 


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