Cowardly Lion

You have no idea how badly i hurt, how much pain i endure when my anxieties and fears pulse through my blood…

How easy it seems to just let them out, it only costs an inch of flesh…

But I know it will also take a piece of my soul, and of my pride because maybe I’ll admit it gets hard sometimes keeping these wrists protected and my veins strong and flawless, but i will be damned if I fall into temptation…

If I don’t just grip my wrists’ tight and move on…

Because I refuse to be locked up, and I refuse to allow myself to give up this war

Years from now I will look back and realize how strong I am, and how passionately and fully I have lived and cherished each of my days

For I will silence the devil on my shoulder, and I will be the victor

I refuse to become another statistic of youth who lived with depression and didn’t make it to adulthood

One day, I will realize this cowardly lion is a mother fuckin’ king

I will someday tell my daughter this so if she ever needs a hero she knows I will gladly put on my cape

And I will tell my son so when times get tough he will fight to live up to the gladiator I know he has within him

Some day, I will be free

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