This is the only way you could love me

With my rotting body and frozen heart.  

I'm sorry that I fail your expectations,

But I wasn't the one who picked this part.  


No one wants to be hated for their face;

Only loved and cherished for being chaste.

To be in the arms of someone holy

Despite being the snake of their story.  


Won't you look past my claws, wrinkles, and fangs;

Like I ignore your anger and disdain?

Come now you can give me that much can't you,

Or is it too hard to smile at your child?


I'm not the disappointment in this house.

You're the one who left me out to decay

Ever since I uttered those words that day,

"Dad I need to talk to you about him."


You shut your eyes to my worries and pain.

Like a child pushing bad drams away.  

You saw the signs but you didn't help me;

Now I'm alone with two lives to care for.  


Just because I wasn't the perfect daughter

You won't brave the shallowest of water...



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