Tue, 04/04/2017 - 17:48 -- Kate.N

People tap and pound on the glass walls of their cage all piled in

like sardines in a can.

Some of their faces are motionless,

some are screaming.

I look at them from the outside, standing

on the cold, barren concrete.

Where did everything go?

A tall, black, wired fence lines the area enveloping me in.

I want to help them, I really do.

However, there is a long, thick snake slithering around the cage and I cannot

seem to pass it without endangering


I turn my back and run toward the fence without

glancing back.

Thrusting myself over the barrier, I land on the soft, green grass.

I turn around to peer back through the white, picket fence

only to see my neighbor smiling over to me.


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Our world


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