Cover My Eyes, And Splinter The Light

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 01:42 -- Fishboy

Cover my eyes so I may see no Evil,
Cover my eyes so I may not see you.
But your Love keeps me tied to you like some unwanted tether,
A Golden Lasso of something I no longer wish to have.

The truth is always revealing, 
Splitting your heart into a million shimmering fractals,
Splintering the light,
And sometimes your heart takes over,
Reflecting the truth through a broken mirror.

The frozen shards from your heart sometimes pierce me,
Mingling what is me and what is you, 
So you must pick the glittering splinters out of my bleeding heart to try to piece together my identity,
Piece together your identity,
Separate the glimmering fragments of us,
That I may have someone to glue me back together when I shatter.

I wish to snap the red thread that binds me to you,
But I fear that if I break your heart,
I'll hear a thin noise,
Like ice breaking,
And I'll realize that the foreign,
Fragile sound I heard was the sound of my own heart cracking in half.


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