The courage i had to fight

The courage I had to fight  

Much sadness? 

Laughing, smiling, living on earth’s crest with no worries in the world, until one day the golden heart stopped pumping, my heart was now standing in a crossfire that was burning, I wondered how I even escaped, all until I got a letter from heaven above … 

The weeping tears of a burning soul  

I am in the wind 

With pouring rain 

Be cheerful, grateful and kind 

You must move on!! 

Because I am not there, I want to show you I'm near, right by your side  

Close your eyes my child 

Look inside all the wisdom I've left behind  

We’re always meant to meet again, until then, strong is the only choice you have.  

I knew then, strong was the only choice I had, on my own, walking out of this dark universe into the sunset of a new world.  

Standing alone in a crossfire, I am a fighter I was born to survive  

I wished someone could have saved me drowning deep, deeper like the ocean in my thoughts I prayed and prayed to pull myself out of this unusual place, I said to myself, “Don’t let this ruin your opportunity of becoming a better person.” This is only the start of a dark heart glowing within the light. 



So much joy within the memories, pulling and tugging on the bottom of my heart, I asked myself, “How am I drowning with my eyes open?” “How am I supposed to feel the pain?”, such a loving relationship with an awesome experience, so I ask myself, 

 “How does this hold hope?”   

With an angel by my side.  



by:Jazanae A. Humphries  



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