Coup de Grâce

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 15:30 -- EMH-IFW


In a moment of walking around in the night, trialing on the floor we speak sweet nothings

Nothings in the form of whispers and stares because me... No we...

We glance across one another.

We are both wounded souls that circle

Now what once was love has turned to indifferent hate, and the memories that fade still burn

Burn similar to the tears that caused my eyes to turn scarlet like the candles that burned in that night where we took each other.

Not lustfully but we took each others hands...

And sat still... 

In the moment where we could hear the rain cascading down 

Because we knew that we couldn't be

Venomous to one another... we stand eye to eye

With each other's weapons drawn

With words flying over into each other's trenches the profane are abound

But how could I have something that has warped into the ugly so quickly. 


I could have never loved with so much intensity but for me to fight would be insanity...


I decide to let you go. Whilst in a screaming rant you propose... I turn my head...

I'm not running anymore, I want you to go... do what you say. I'm ready to go...

Just that one move of recalcitrance was the coup de grâce of this love... for us both.  


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