Countdown of Madness


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~Countdown of Madness~

10... 9....
Like a New Year's countdown
Patiently waiting..
Pacing around!
Like a surge of energy waiting to be expressed;
Flowing through the body with the desire to release.
As the clock ticks and tocks, and ticks and tocks, and ticks & tocks And,
Only One second would feel like a minute to an Impatient person.
But if understood properly,
Its the excitement that drives the person crazy.
Like an Earthquake waiting to release Gaia's energy to the world,
So it may be Shared with any soul,
And if given the Opportunity, could be an everlasting bond.
Like a volcanic eruption;
An uncontrollable flow of heat
That captures you into a hypnotic state of affection.
Thoughts racing in an out, influencing anxiety created by the ego.

Time stood still.
With One second left to spare,
As the pitcher of water is gently poured into the mind of the receiver.
The desired interest, to be an interest
Vigorously holding in that heat wave of sensation,
So that the value of Patience could be appreciated.

Soaring free like an eagle gazing at natures beauty to appreciate life as is.
A new perspective!
Time no longer stood still,
In fact time no longer existed, for if it is to manifest into reality, it will come.
And for what is to come shall be treasured.
Kept safe inside the mind.
So that One man's patience, could lead to another man's heart.


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