Could You Spare Some Change?

If I had the power,

Well first I’d need an extra hour.

If I had the power,

Perhaps the world would be less sour.


If I look at their faces,

I feel pity but, time races.

If l look at their faces,

There’s little hope of trading places.


Lower class, middle class, upper class

Each level increasing with sass.

Little money, some money, too much money

“You need it all for college honey.”


An unwashed man’s sign reads,

“Anything helps, please” (don’t be full of greed)

I sit staring at tuition fees,

They expect this all to come from me?


I say, “We all could use a little help sir.”

He points to a girl with apparent success,

“I used to be just like her,”

“Now it’s all a mess.”


So if I had more time,

Would I strive to make a change

Or would I simply make this rhyme?


And if I had the power,

Would I drive poverty to its grave

Or would I simply be grateful for a shower? 


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