Could I Please Talk to Me and Help Myself Out

Remember that time you fell off your bike,

And the neighbor saw you and asked if you were alright?

Then you proceeded to pretend you hadn't injured your rear end,

And got back on your bike and started riding again.

Or that year it seemed all athletic balls were attracted to our nose.

Oh! Remember when we had bullies galore! 

Literally all the the girls hated us and we didn't know what for.

Remember all the heartaches

All the sadness

All the wishing we weren't us 

All the maybe if we weren't so geeky 

All the wishing we could cover up with make up

All the wishing we were dead.

Remember when we thought it would last forever?

Remember when we woke up and realized it would not? 

I need you to remember and apply that to today.

Because everything bad doesn't last forever.

It eventually goes away.


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