Could have, Should have, Would have.........but Didn't

Five minutes, Five hours
It doesn't matter how long
Just having some fun
Until something goes wrong.

Our agonizing aunt
Doesn't come for a visit
Trying to convince yourself
It couldn't happen to me.........could it?

Sneaking around
Getting that test
Praying to anyone
That it comes out for the best.

But that little bar
Turns pink in your hand
A bundle of joy
Very far from planned.

Plans for the future
Crumbling down
Wishing you could leave it
and just leave town.

But that baby needs you
And your options are few
Adoption, keep it or a procedure
That makes you feel blue.

College? Forget it
You life is that baby now
Better get a job
You can't be acting like a clown.

No friends, no parties
Diapers and naps
No drinking, no drugs
Bedtime and baby wraps.

"If only," you think
During a burping dance
"I could go back in time and tell myself.........


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