The Cost to Change The World

She wakes up every day

Proud of what she's done

If only she truly knew

What has already begun


She always gets the grades

She always has the drive

If only she knew that her success

Would come at all too high a price


Parents, don't cry and weep for her

You wanted nothing but her success

Yet her heart, it just swells and feels the guilt,

with a strangle hold on her chest



Mom and Dad have worked so hard

To provide for their little girl

But little did they both know

She wants to change the world


She calls and e-mails frantically

In hope that someone hears her plea

But according to the government,

She doesn't show financial need


She's come so far to just quit now

But how can she keep going,

When colleges throw her to the ground?


All she wants is to make the world better

But the question is, will they let her?


America the beautiful, home of the brave and free

How can we get better, if you don't let your children succeed?


You preach to us the importance of education, 

But get mad when we break out in peaceful demonstration 


We all politely disagree with all these taxes and fees,

The system has put upon us

But, what gives you the right to not admit me?

When our protest was strictly autonomous


Our cries were silenced

Our wallets were emptied

And at the end of it all, we just get a degree


We all want equality, to be true and free

But the only way to get to that is if we ALL succeed 


So, America, this land I love, 

Why don't you love me and all I have become? 


I want to make you better each and every day, 

So I must ask you, why do I have to pay?

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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