We don't love eachother , we just call eachother names and then we fuck eachother . We don't even trust one another , cause we know it's not just me and you there has to be another. 

Another that gets the love and the undivided attention . Another one that's succeeding and were giving eachother suspension . Cause when I'm with you my minds with him and I know your thinking of me. When I kiss you , when I touch you it all feels so selfish . How you can be with someone cause you don't want them with somebody else . Somebody else that can fill their heart with warmth while your bringing it pain , your still giving it love but it really aint the same . You try to avoid the arguments cause you really trynna make it work . Trynna built something out of nothing. Cause we know we have nothing . There ain't no denying it . But we'll keep accusing , fucking and crying and shit . We can't find the real reason we don't both let it go , maybe because our side pieces are just fantasies and were scared to be alone . Scared of rejection so we hold eachother tight like belts around our arms as we inject that needle , trying to restrain the pain , satisfy our demons and find our self in temporary ecstasy . There fore you are my drug , and I don't want you but I seem to need you .  I cant find out why I can't stop using drugs , and why drugs can't stop using me . You've taken away my loved one and now your the only one I got. I wish I could run away but I don't even have a spot . You are my only comfort at this point . it's sad that's your the only thing I have left in my life , cause you are the reason I have nothing left in my life . 


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