Mon, 10/22/2018 - 17:59 -- breemk

I knew at that moment

All I had to do was reach

But my silly mind

Filled me with worries

About how irrational I was being


Yet my heart

Brought thoughts to light

That had not been conjured

In a long while

And I almost did


Then again my brain

With all its worries

Told me it wouldn't work

That my heart was being dumb

And that I would fail and get hurt in the end


My heart withering in its cage

Screamed at me

Promising me happiness

And I rested my hand on the rails

But never opened the lock


Until a fellow prisoner spoke

And my brain shrieked and hid

While my heart scolded

"I told you so"


I should've trusted it

Because once I did

Things changed

And everything I ever wanted

Was mine for the taking


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