Content with you here.

To my love:


When you entered my life , I never saw you as the man I see today. 

Never thought we'd be in each others life as we are now.

I guess the same for you , we were simply friends.

In the begining you saw me before I saw you , which gave you the courage to take our friendship to the next level.

I wasn't ready to be honest , I didn't care about anyone but myself at the time.

I decided to give it try for the sake of it. You fell deeply while I was wasting your time.

I choose to end things before they even started, oh what a mistake.

Those few weeks without , was dreadfull.

It took some time but I realised that I wanted to see this through. 

I'll be honest I wasn't head over heels for you in the start , you jumped the highest of hoops to prove your love over and over.

In that time I saw you , I finally saw the man you are towards me. 

I fell deeply head over heels in love with you.


You gave us another chance , you were already in it.

I joined you afterwards.

The next chapter we took together , was a risk worth every shot.

Moving in togther and making the necessary sacrifices.

It was not an easy change for us or our families but we just wanted each other. 

We had so many obstacles to face , some that broke us and some that united us.

Family, Finance and Religion.

We pushed through baby , one step at a time.


We grew into better versions of ourselves. 

You became more in touch with your feelings and past. 

Which we conqured together , one step at a time. 

I became more out spoken and more free.

Together we are much more fierce , much more content. 


Here we are again , God testing us everyday. 

Pushing us to do the most together. To be the team he partned us to be. 

I am so grateful for the life we have built together.  

I am so proud of the person you have become.

I love who you are and how kind you are to all around you.

You have a heart of an angel, but only show it to few.


We will soon have all our hearts desires babe.

A mini family , forever growing and loving.

You are my forever love.

Each step with you in my life , I am closer to heaven.


With deepest love from your :

Lover, wife , partner and Soulmate


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