Constant Judgment


United States
39° 42' 6.2568" N, 75° 7' 10.2396" W

It’s getting claustrophobic
Between these four walls
That try to kill me every day
Because I won’t give in
It never works, but I get paranoid
Because everyone is watching
Every single move I make
They all say “CHANGE is good”
But not when it comes to this
So I try my best to block out the noise
And continue to listen to my heart
And be the best person I can be
I don’t want to keep fighting anymore,
I’m mentally and physically exhausted
I can’t take the relentless nagging
And attempts of persuasion
Because I don’t want to change
My morals that I strongly believe in
To fulfill their selfish desires
I know in my heart that
What I’m doing is right,
But it gets rough being on strike
Sometimes I want to give in
So they will shut up and leave me alone
So I can have a chance to breathe in peace
Without someone being there
Next to me whispering me
Persuasive words in my ear
In efforts to seduce me,
But in the end they will never affect me
I long for the day that judgment doesn’t exist


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