Considered Friends


I can still remember those late night phones calls

text for no reason and bumps in the hallway like no one could see us.

But I always saw you and my eyes always found there way to you 

it was like our together was infinate and I was drawn to you like nothing you could ever fathom

But, baby you stripped me of my independence 

with every lulliby your lips poured into me as if my ears were directly connected to my soul

But I had to learn the hard way you cant win when your playing for second

So I tried to move on and you told me to stop being so picky 

But I can't keep picking through the apples when all I really want is oranges

Because, orange is the color we decided our love would be

never quite red but close enough to still be considered friends

So nothing was ever close enough to be the real thing.

No matter how many times I kissed anothers lips trying to get lost in them

I found you in the back of my mind and every love song had your name in the chorus 

While every love story had your name first in the credits right next to mine, and

I thought our love was big screen ready. 


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