Confidence And Middle School

Sixth grade, middle school,/

That's when it begins/ The competition, the bullying,/ Trying to fit in./  Trying to fit in,/ But standing out all the same/  Trying to belong,/ But left out of everything/ Their words begin to sink in/ Like seeds,/ They breed self conciousness/ She longs for the 'me'/ She used to be /The one that could leave the house with no makeup/  But she's let their words define her/ They bind her, hold her, keep her/ Blind, unable to see/ The beauty on the inside/ On the outside, under the makeup/  She keeps it bottled up inside/ Afraid to tell anyone,/ She thinks she's the reason why/ But the reason she feels so dark inside/ Is because someone else felt the same/ And took it out on her/ She doesn't know she's not to blame/  Bullying./    

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