Confessions of a troubled mind and heart

I act like I don’t care about what I wear or how I look. 
I act like it doesn’t matter that every guy leaves me for someone else who is subpar.
I act like nothing phases me nor bothers me any more.

Well guess what? The key word is ACT. It's all a show that I put on so the world doesn’t know what really goes on. So its confession time.

I do care how I look and what I wear but have given up because I don’t feel pretty enough to wear the cute stuff.
I do care that they’ve broken my heart time and time again and decided to be with someone who can’t even compare. I’d be much more content if the next chick was prettier than me. At least I can see why you left.
Finally, everything does phase me and bother me and annoy me and etc. I just hold it in until I’m all alone and cry in the dark with a bitter taste in my mouth, a heaviness in my heart and a desire for it all to end.



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