Concrete Rose

Sat, 06/20/2015 - 02:41 -- tamisha

You're more than  just a flower in the dirt

You have so much worth

You're more than just some city girl

Someday you're gonna change  the world

You're more than just some simple girl

You're the unnoticed pearl

You're more than just a ghetto boy

You're everybodys joy

Y'all have so much potiental that no one notices

You're the greatest activists

Keep our head up

Don't give up til you reach the top

You're the superheroes of our generation

You're gonna be the ones,they're gonna wanna mention

You're the concrete roses of our generation

You amaze everyone with your upbringing

Keep being extraordinary

Keep doing things out of the ordinary

Why be ordinary when you can be extraodinary?




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My community
Our world
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