From A Concerned American Citizen,

To the world: 
"Doomsday strikes," prophets crow, 
from Fox and Twitter and NPR
2012 has come again, 
An election, but one unfamiliar.
"This country needs more unity,"
Fear your neighbor, whispered silently
"Only love can drive out hate,"
The King is dead, long live anarchy.
"Not My President, no deal for you"
They call him names, the Orange Demagogue
Mussolini, Putin, Nixon, Hitler
I'd side with Godwin, but my Hillary pick was no winner
A rating of 39%
That's more than 1 in 3!
Can a liberal elite dimiss those people's voice?
Chalk it up to the Confederacy?
Surely one man's small hands
Did not tarnish freedom's land
My southern brother and I can disagree
On things like walls and tax policy
Yet is calm discussion how we deal with swastikas?
Look at Charlottesville, look at America!
This is no time to think of compromise,
but for Thoreau's Civil Disobedience!
A loyal German as they hunt Mexicans,
Will next they come for me?
"Your Republican friend is not with us,
She's deplorable, racist, the enemy!"
Am I a cynic or a fool?  
A dreamer or a tool?
Ought I to turn the cheek from hate
Or pick up arms and join this Crusade?
A Concerned American Citizen

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My country
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