Concealed Colors

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 18:34 -- ryannk

Oh please,

Pay no attention to me.

I'll just sit back here,

All quiet-like,

And continue to pull all the strings.

The world's a complicated place,

And Mama didn't raise a fool,

So go on and do your living

Within the lines and rules.

As for me,

I see my path,

A doodle sprawling out.

Coloring outside the lines

Creates an interesting pic no doubt.

But the world isn't ready yet

For my personal kind of art,

And if I were to subject myself

I just might fall apart.

We have a habit

Of writing off

The brilliant and unique.

We label them "bizarre" and "odd"

And disregard what they think.

I would rather wait and bide my time

With a mask upon my face

And get the work I have here done

Than be elbowed into place.

As much or more

Can be achieved

From working behind the scenes,

And it's a role far more secure

Than to be in the midst of things.


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