Compton Comfortable


United States
41° 37' 51.4416" N, 87° 35' 38.2164" W

On my path, I'm headed for hell
Today, I snuck in God's house 'cause he don't know me that well
But upon entrance a preacher caught me and called me by name
He said "I don't know why you're here, but I'm glad that you came,"

Then, I explained that I was there to do penance for being a menace,
"I could tell you the whole story, but it'll cost you a million minutes,
and time is money. I can't afford a Rolex
Therefore, I'll get straight to the point, so let's


What's God's true agenda?
Seen my cousin the other day, he's still gettin' slimmer
I took some shots and missed 'em,
But, when it's all these people how am I s'posed to get the rebound if I ain't a center?

And, I know I can't hide my inner,
But, If I wear a Drew Brees jersey, do I still resemble a sinner?
I don't know, I got served, my Saint died from loose metal
A sad demon, my true color's a Blue Devil,

Duke, Ellington, I heard a dad telling, 'Son,
don't go out to play, don't wanna see you leaking Piru,'
Life is just a complicated Haiku
Too short if it's interesting, you feel like you died, too...soon

I don't know if I'm Abel, the 'caine would cripple my brain
A Crip'll kill you for blushin', or pad's period stains
The crypt'll fill up with slain anonymous victims named
That puts B.B. King in my lineage, Buddy Guy in my vains

A gang rival inside me, and neither side will nudge
Am I a Crip? I heard clear skies callin' me, 'Cuz'
And, Hell's callin' me, 'Blood,' do these colors sound familiar?
If the bandanas don't, then, the sorrow might kill ya

And they're just playin' Etta James on my block
My mother thinks I'm crazy 'cause I'm hearin' colors
So, Father, this last question that I got,
Why God put us in this picture if you say he loves us?"

I swear, I've seen so much blue in my life
You would think I'm from Compton, came up from nothin'
I swear, I've seen so much blood in my life
You would think I'm from Compton, came up from nothin'

Came up from nothin',
I came up from nothin',
I swear, I've seen so much blue in my life
You would think I'm from Compton.


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