Commitment Founds Flawlessness

Not every bird is born with the instinct to fly.

Not every child is born into a world of pretty pictures.

Some must crawl before they walk, doodle before they paint, or wobble before they soar.

Some of the best innovators have come from humble beginnings. I only hope that I might be as successful and my works as fruitful as Vincent Van Gogh or Gloria Estephan.

 So far I have only just begun the long hike towards a bright future.

I have set up the foundation for myself; good grades, a great set of support being friends and family, and independence.

I have stayed up many late nights, not solely dedicated to schoolwork, but also to those who have needed me or to foster the growth of lasting friendships and priceless memories.

I have treated my body as if it was a temple, nourishing it with nutrition and proper exercise, for it will be all the capital I need for every future endeavor.

I have given myself the opportunity to appreciate the arts of the eyes, ears, and taste; to experience all the aspects of culture and use it to fuel my creativity.

Their will be curves in the road, holes in the pavement.

 I will keep running.

I will paint meadows of voluptuous flowers in the face of the storm, continue dreaming and fighting despite the brick wall put up by society's rules and limitations.

It is called commitment.

 The stars I gaze at, and the thought of the paths I will cross, they all feed me with passion.

They rid me of the need to change myself.

 The curtain falls, and the audience gasps. All imperfections melt like butter to reveal a silhouette, whose every difference makes him that much more astounding.

Flawless is written within every crevice, at every wrinkle in time.

The curtains close ever so slowly as the baby eagle soars and fades beneath the twilight sky.

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