A Commitment


United States

Things are good, I'm happy

yes, you're making more money than most people your age

Im doing well, doing it without school too

School was never  for you anyway

I'm close to my peak

Here she comes


She came out of nowhere, she was different

she was pure and strong, nothing like I've encountered before

She is everything you've imagined

All things come to an end though

Just go with her, be with her

It's fine, the love was nice while it lasted

Just go, you're young go take a chance

but wait, I haven't achieved my goals, my purpose

but love..

no, I must stick with my purpose

I'm here for something greater, something profound and I can not lose sight

It hurts, but I will grow from this

but why not go? School was never "for you" remember?

I know my purpose now though, I've made a commitment

School will be different

We'll see..

..I told you, it's different now. End of Fall Semester 2016 

16 Units and Straight A's

I found my "why", Life is different

I'm not even close to my peak

I see.



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