The Comments

Society vs your intellectual mind 

You stand no chance,

fighting the social justice warriors 

who battle your opinions and thoughts 

telling you, that you, 

You are wrong, that you, 

don't have a chance in this world

To give up your peace of mind 

to someone behind a screen

To ignore them is what you should do

but you, you just can't let those 

hateful and dreadful comments 

get out of your head 

to looking in the mirror 

to seeing pictures of yourself smiling 

but all you see is the comments that a horrible person made

tearing every inch of your brain to pieces 

and you just can't piece them together anymore 

now you don't seem to feel emotions at all  

your mind can not withhold you

you cannot help yourself 

no one can 

the social justice warriors won the war 

you lost, lost yourself 

who you are, is not the same 

to live life caring about everything that comes out

of a soulless persons mouth 

Those comments ruined you 

now there is no where to go from here 

An unexciting life, full of unrealistic meanings to life 

Those comments ruined you forever.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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