Coming Clean

If changing one thing was possible, 

Then I would change something about me. 

I may sound selfish,

But that's the way it would be. 

I don't like living this way, 

Scraping by with nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Living with PTSD sucks, 

And I'm tired of playing this game. 

So if I had one wish, 

To change whatever I pleased, 

I would've told someone,

How much he actually hurt me. 

I would've told them who he was, 

I would've told them about that day, 

I would've come clean, 

I would've told someone something. 

But now that its out, 

Both my parents know, 

I'm getting the help I need now, 

And I'm ready to go. 

So I guess my real wish, 

To change something, 

Would be that no victim should be scared,

Of just coming clean. 



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