The Coming and Going

The gentle waters on a summer day,

I will caress all within reach.

Predator or prey, flesh or not,

My fingertips will glide across your body and bring you home.

Slowly and tantalizing -

I could only stretch so far, but far I can stretch.


From time to time I bubble,

A fissure down below ready to bellow.

Predator or prey, flesh or not,

You will find me scalding your body and with you I will run.

Happy, quick and furious -

I will reach all boundaries and share the heat I so longingly forged.


Their feets will touch the tips of my hair.

Now that I have finally reached so far

To the scraggly sand so close underneath,

You will see what I am.


as I look to the mountains up above.


They think I am gentle,

and gentle I am.

But brutal I can be,

the salt in my waters will sting your wounds,

they will sting your eyes.

Truthful and honest -

I am afraid to be, as you look up to the sparking fresh water up above.

As the night and the cold sets,
You all walk home.
Predator or prey, flesh or not,
I can no longer approach despite the fighting urge to come closer.
Frustrated and hopeful -
Someday I will storm onto your balcony and drench you from head to toe.

And finally,
You will carry the heavy waters,

That this boundless sea has been
Burdened and enlightened -


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