Comfortable Mind

There is a dark corner

in the back of my mind

it makes me feel calmer

I like it because its kind


there is not emotion here

though in this place there are thoughts

they want me go over there

but my stomach is full of knots


I couldn’t find it in my mind

but i found it now at the right time

I need to let go of this bind

but is it really the right time


I make my way over to it

before I do I hesitate

the thoughts are saying to avoid it

because my mind will desolate


do I want this? I ask myself

do I want my mind to open

so my mind could abandon itself

and leave me alone and broken


something in me says open up

and tell about your true feelings

do not defiantly act up

let your mind take all the healing


I decide to head on over

when I do a bright light turns on

a chair appears as I get closer

when I sit down my thoughts are gone


I see I'm alone on this one

my mind is blank and so are the walls

i'm wondering if I should run

as I look up an angel falls


I see its life as it is mine

something urges me but I am stunned

its wings are black and he looks like me

he gets up and his mind is shunned


in his eyes I see four numbers

They read two-thousand twenty-five

it seems as if we are the same

I feel comfortable when he arrives


he sits by me and we connect

we become friends and i'm not alone

as death gives out my friends amends

but death finds flaws in my friends doom


death punishes both him and me

death says my friend can't stay here

it’s like death is the referee

then death and my friend disappear


I’m alone again in the corner

the lights turn off and I'm in darkness

I feel comfortably stronger

my thoughts have now gone the farthest


I feel safe now that I'm alone

my mind and body feel really calm

this peace my mind has never know

somewhere there is still a ticking bomb


that bomb wont go off for a while

right now my mind is at self ease

that bomb has gone in a file

the file is locked and I have the keys


I won't let it loose in this place

this place I feel more comfortable

I wouldn't call it my “safe place”

I will leave the name adjustable


as I stand up from the chair

I wonder when I will die

my friends eyes say 2025

unless his eyes were all a lie


I walk away from the corner

and my thoughts come rushing to me

as they do my body feels warmer

when I look back I see willow trees


for me the willow tree resembles

learning from the past and inner vision

when I think that my body trembles

my past and present have collisions


I call upon my corner now

for relaxation of my mind

my thoughts right now I wont allow

good bye thoughts while my body and mind align

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