We all are in love with comfort

There’s just no way around it.

You won’t throw out your favorite pair of shoes

Even if the soles are so worn down

That it’s as if they were made without them

Or the holes that have made their home

Right where your big toe is.

A home cooked meal

After being away for so long

Will still be better than any restaurant

Every time.

An old friend may have come and gone

But it doesn’t stop

The dreams you may have from time to time

That reek of nostalgia

And heinous thoughts of wishing things could go back to how they used to be

Just for one day at least.

As human beings

We will always hate change

One way or another.

We will gain new friends

But somehow always try to compare them to our old ones

Just like a new pair of shoes

Or someone else’s home cooked meal.

We do this without even meaning to

As day by day

Gradually everything changes

And we’re left with comparisons


How things “used to be.”

I thought I liked change

And taking chances

But I’ve come to find

Sometimes I’m just like everyone else.

You are not easy for me.

I’m comfortable in how my relationships have been.

You treat me badly

I bring it up

You turn it around

So that I’m the one that’s sorry.

I am used to backing down

And I am used to being walked over.

What am not used to, is you.

You are like me.

We get anxious

We overthink

We both think we’re shy when many beg to differ

We both don’t know how to handle liking someone else

And we certainly aren’t the best at communicating

Which is ironic in more ways than one.

And you are unsafe

Because for once you are something more than normal

You’re the real thing.

People like you and see you as so much more than I know.

And perhaps, you’re comfortable

But in all the scariest ways.

You see, comfort can even be scary

When it comes to you and me

And you and me being you and me

And being around you and with you

And talking to you.

We all are in love with comfort

But you are its most risky form.



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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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