Come On Kid

Bottoms up. 

Forget the past. 

Those crying memories ever last. 

Got your beer goggles on? 

Your devil's will still whisper to you all night long. 

Forever and ever, he’ll still be gone. 


Night is caving into your chest. 

You start to believe less and less. 

You’re told time will roll on 

But your emotions don't dissolve 


What a joke. 

What a lie. 

I've been told so many in my time 


That powder is the only thing I crave. 

No more love in life, just one cold grave 

Day by day it always seems 

The clock ticks so loudly I nearly scream 

Dump that liquor down you're throat 

Come on kid, do it, don't choke. 


Inhale that smoke 

Now you’re off in your own little world 

No pain or sadness 

But death is timeless 

The memories will cloud your brain 

As you go in for one more drink 


Laughter will fill your ears 

As you try to drink away your coming years 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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