Come Back for Me


United States
41° 58' 19.4736" N, 88° 1' 17.8788" W

I watch you walk
Out to the plane
You turn and you look at me
Before turning your back again
And that's the last time
I saw you alive
Before throwing yourself
Into the fight

Eighteen months
That’s how long you've been gone
The calendar on the fridge
Filled up for too long
One mistake
Could cost you your life
I stopped picking up the phone
And hope you're alright

It's hard not to picture
A folded up flag
But sometimes, things happen so fast
I wish that I could just
Come and save you,
But I guess, that's between God and you
God and you

I think about you everyday
But I know it's the right choice that you made
I know that you're fighting
To keep us free
But, please
Come back for me


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

poem shows how much u miss and care 4 this person
great job
keep writing-im a power poetry mentor

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