Columbus' Child

Content notice: Violence against people of color,

people with disabilities, trans wimmin, and gender

nonconforming people; allusion to suicide,

sexual violence, and genocide. End of content notice.


Start of poem:

The U.S. ain't shit
This government ain't legit

The only free have a white face
The rest of us can't take up space

Forget hobbies 'cuz
Always gotta lobby
Even then,
Our own folk exclude disabled bodies

Cops settin' up
Mentally ill people in a noose
But disguise 'em as handcuffs

Trans wimmin locked up
For sex work and hormone use

Gender nonconforming beans cant use the bathroom
Or risk being assaulted
Or other abuse

Our rights seem optional
The system ain't functional

Christopher Columbus would surely approve
Of this so-called greatness
That got the bigots and ignants enthused

End of poem.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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