The Color Red


What's the color red?

It's not the color of the hair on my hair,

Nor the color of the sheets on my bed,


It's the color of blood spilt among the streets 

These words to come 

Are words I must preach

This is not "Gods" doin'

Because he taught us that we choose our own paths

And make our own choices

WE  spilt the color red all over park benches,

Public bathrooms,

cozy homes,

And sandy beaches.

And the thrill of doing it is what this twisted society enjoys

The headlines on "Missing Teenager" and "Amber Alert"

Stain the memories of the ones whom lost loves ones

Thinking "Oh God, It could be my baby girl/boy."

We wrap ourselves in the idea of world peace,

But how can we do that 

If there isn't peace in our own homes?

We call ourselves the "Agrarian society"

more like the "Apocalyptic Society."

We get up, go out, come home, and that's it!

A never ending cycle of similar adventures

And places, and pain because daddy's little girl 

Didn't come home from school today

Police crod the doorway

And there's flashing of cameras all around.

Little did they know, she had fourty-eight hours to live

Faces appear no longer a s a dream in your mind but a nightmare in your soul

The color red embroids the pavement that we walk on,

The color red stains the ocean,


And public water streams.

We wrap ourselves aorund the idea of a monopoly 

About the insanity inside of us

We see people in the streets 


And waving,

But deep inside..

Something wicked brews.

The color red is no longer just a color,

But a burden of rain pouring on the induvidual

Who has their own demons to fight

The color red lingers in the bakc of their minds like a horrible memory

The agonizing pain of these memories stabs them in the eye like daggers to the heart. I

It's everywhere and yet,

No where at all. 


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