Color Me A Terrorist

The morning two towers fell from the skies,
Still can’t walk outside without questionable eyes
Staring at me through preconceived lenses;
I fit their stereotype.

Fingers pointed at me -my beard too dark for their liking.
I pray for peace.
But they like to believe that I crave hate and fighting.
Looking like an Arab with my kufi fitted snug,
Been labeled a “sand nigger”; someone pass the love.
They despise me for what I’m not.

They know nothing of my creed or of what lies inside,
If they gave me a chance I’d pry myself open wide,
To show them that I’m just. like. them.
They see only my outer covering and shut their mental doors-
My voice echoes in vain. 
I have no way of letting them know that I’m sick of the killing, raping, bloodshed, death and wars.
I stand for peace and happiness.

I consider them my brothers and sisters; humanity is one.
They consider me a threat, violent, hateful and dangerous; brainwashing has begun.
Please hear me when I say that Islam teaches respect and amity,
That murdering one person is like killing all of humanity,
That if my neighbors don’t feel safe then it’s my duty to change that.
They use the word "Jihad” without knowing its true meaning –struggle.
My Jihad is to better myself with every passing moment,
My Jihad is to wipe the dirt off my religion; to clarify through this poem.
My helping hands see no color, religion, ethnicity, or nationality.
My duty is to all of mankind; I’m required to give charity.
This is Islam. This is what it means to be a Muslim.
I have beliefs and dreams.
One day, they’ll look at me and realize my sincerity bursting at the seams. 



Please make video of you performing this!


Wow, I wish everyone had their head on straight like you.When I was little I asked my parents why people hate other people because of the color of their skin, and I still can't understand it. What difference does a little extra mellenin make? None at all. Stereotypes are created so quickly and seem to last forever. I wish I could help you fight them.


Thank you for sharing this poem. It was beautiful. I enjoyed reading it


Wow, your words are powerful beyond measure- to say I opened your eyes to Islam is more than I could have asked for. One request, and that'd be for you to pay it forward. If you're not sure how, maybe you could pass this poem or any other type of literature to anyone you think might benefit from it. I thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!


Finally someone said it. I'm glad you wrote this poem because even though I'm not a Muslim, I'm a Christian, I understand how fanatics can skew people's perspectives of a religion. You were so honest, and I thank you for that. You set it straight. I wish we could all just get along.


Emilianagranger, I wish what you wish. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you think anyone might benefit from reading these words, please feel free to pass it forward. Many thanks for your encouraging words. Let's work toward change for the better. Always. 


This is truly beautiful!! I love every angle of it and hopefully your words can be spread where you can open many eyes! Thank you!! 

Keep writing!!! 


I enjoyed this poem a lot. i liked the narrative style and i admire your bravery for tackling a very uncomfortable topic. i admire your writing, keep it up.


Amazing poetry! Straight from the heart, like all of the best :D 


Thank you very much! 

Aim For Hope_21

It's sad but true, but I'm glad you wrote this. It helps remind everyone that nobody has the right to judge anyone by their looks, beliefs, circumstances etc. 

Very well written. Thanks for sharing. 


Thank you for this poem. It's perfect.


Thank you for reading and commenting! =)


I can't ever say I know what it's like to be in that position, but I've always sympathized. Maybe reading this is the closest I can ever come to knowing.


I love this poem it speaks volumes and from your subjective experience.


absoloutly love this poem!


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