The Color of the Eye


Don't judge me if you don't me:

They judge my skin

They don't care what is within

They judge me because i do things differtly

I want to speak in unity

I'm trying to speak freely

It like i'm not making a sound

A peep

 A weep

it like I am not talking at all

or I was never found

When i was a little girl

I always thought the world was a fairy tale

But then I got hit with reality

That every one doesn't see me for me

That peopel with my skin

Don't get treated fairly

The urge

The rage

On how people play this game

How I get treated

Even when people don't know

How people make me feel


Outta Place

Do you not understand the freedom

That I hold in my hand

Do they judge me because:

I'm not like them

Do they judge me because

I have just as much skills as they do

The crime, and the justice Towards myy kind is unfair

You barley see things that are good in The hood

But there people like me That are good

But you will never see this on Tv

The truth must be told

People May not have what I have to say.

The truth has to come out in some way.

Martin Luther King wanted unity.

What are we giving back to our ancestors

As our ancestors fought for our freedom

They fought through the struggle

For we have the power to take a stand

For this is not a joke, nor a game

but this happens in our lives everyday

Don't judge me if you don't know me

because someday I'll make history

but right now i'm telling a story

They judge me because of my skin

They don't care what within

I'm supposed to be a free African American girl

But why do we still feel like were tied down, and oppressed

How will our future be told?

will our chains be broken?




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