Collision (Why I Write)


Life hits you like a drunk driver

Careening wheels, splintered glass, beyond your control

As you lie between holocaustic metal viscera

Strewn about the black asphalt

You watch the lights dance before your eyes

You imagine a thousand eyes bursting into golden tears

The air is weeping, melting copper glass

Walls pooling, viscous honey yellowing your fingers

Those walls disappear, your reality stretches

Beyond the last edge where

The road chokes and

The sky bleeds black into the earth

Where is the night?

You think as the lights come closer,

Blurred faces, visions like water swirling down an invisible drain

The narrative of memory

Serrated, unforgiving, teeth sinking into flesh

Perforated mesh

Where your imagination filters through the wholes

Steels fragments of that universe of lights, that universe more beautiful than the one peeling away from you now

And stitch you a quivering new skin

Unfolding, flowering through your fingertips

As they grip the black pen


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